Why opt for IFZA Free Zone for Company Formation in Dubai?

Selecting the IFZA Free Zone company setup for establishing your company in Dubai offers a multitude of advantages. Situated within the vibrant Dubai Silicon Oasis, IFZA stands out as one of Dubai’s premier free zones. Its strategic location and state-of-the-art infrastructure make it an ideal destination for realizing your business ambitions in Dubai, UAE.

Setting up a company in IFZA is a straightforward and hassle-free process. The free zone offers a diverse range of business licenses catering to various industries and business activities, coupled with affordable license packages. This flexibility allows you to select the license that aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

The strategic positioning and robust business networking opportunities, along with the cost-effective license packages, position IFZA Free Zone as a top contender in the region’s free zone landscape.

Drawing from our expertise and past experiences, we confidently recommend IFZA Free Zone as the primary choice for establishing your company in Dubai. Its streamlined setup procedures, enticing business licenses, and array of benefits make it an ideal partner for businesses seeking to establish a presence in the region.

Key Benefits of IFZA Free Zone:

  1. 100% ownership of commercial enterprises
  2. No personal income tax
  3. 100% repatriation of capital and profit
  4. A secure and business-friendly legal framework for licenses
  5. 100% import and export tax exemptions
  6. Flexible options for license upgrades or downgrades
  7. Accommodation of a flexible number of visas with authority approval
  8. Residency visas valid for 3 years, available to shareholders and employees
  9. Rapidly expanding business network comprising registered companies from around the globe

Company Formation in Dubai


Why is IFZA Free Zone Preferred Over Others?

IFZA Free Zone’s recent relocation to Dubai Silicon Oasis provides a significant advantage compared to other free zones based in different emirates. Additionally, the cost of license packages offered by IFZA is notably lower than those of other free zones in Dubai.

How Long Does Company Registration Take?

IFZA Free Zone typically issues a trade license within 2-3 days. However, in some cases, additional time may be required for investor security approvals.

Where is IFZA Free Zone Located in the UAE?

IFZA Free Zone has moved to Dubai Silicon Oasis, positioning itself in Dubai for greater accessibility and business opportunities.

Choose IFZA For Simple and Easy Company Formation in Dubai

Our commitment to your business extends beyond the company formation in Dubai. Within the IFZA Free Zone, we offer continuous support through services such as assistance in opening corporate bank accounts, securing medical checkup and Emirates-ID, our Professional advisors benefit from thorough training, they can assist your to register your company, their skills including customer service, sales, communication, and compliance with government regulations. This holistic approach ensures that your company formation journey in Dubai is not only seamless but also successful.

Why hesitate? Reach out to an IFZA Professional advisor today for expert guidance on company formation in Dubai.

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