The Best Desert Safaris In UAE

Over 6 million people reside in the Middle Eastern nation of the United Arab Emirates. The most well-known desert in the United Arab Emirates is “the Empty Quarter,” also known as “Rub Al Khali.” One of the aridest regions on Earth, this desert occupies more than a fourth of the Arabian Peninsula. Because it is a nation that blends modernity with old history and culture, the UAE has been dubbed an oasis for travelers. One of the UAE’s top options is a desert safari. A desert safari, often known as dune bashing, is an adventure excursion that takes you deep into the desert. On these tours, you may explore the huge expanses of dunes and rocky outcrops, which are typically conducted in 4×4 vehicles.

The safari tour would often include various activities, including camel rides, dawn or sunset viewing, visits to nomadic villages, and unspoiled natural beauty. You must take precautions, including staying hydrated and bringing extra water, to make your safari experience more enjoyable. This blog examines the greatest desert safaris in the United Arab Emirates to save you the trouble of looking for one.

Dubai Desert Safari

Many people turn to Desert Safari Dubai when making reservations for a desert safari in Dubai. Aside from the option to forego the dune bashing entirely and head straight for the Bedouin-tent BBQ and live entertainment experience, they offer both morning and evening tours. For this reason, they are regarded as the best option for senior guests or families with young children.

Sand Trax Tours

On this Jeep Safari journey, your safari guides will take you over the vast dunes and deep into the desert in a 4×4 vehicle. After the ride, you will:

  • Head to the Bedouin campground for a traditional welcome with Arabic coffee and dates.
  • Have a chance to view the native sand art and take a camel ride.
  • Enjoy a traditional barbecue dinner with grilled meats, fresh salads, and mouthwatering regional desserts.
  • After dinner, enjoy the belly dance, tanoura dance performances, and the most awaited dervish dance.

Abu Dhabi Desert Tour

Looking to make a desert memory in Abu Dhabi? This well-established company offers sunrise and evening desert safari tours, including pick and drop services, at competitive rates. Along with the dune bashing and sand boarding, you will also have a chance to visit a nearby camel farm and get up close to the camels. The evening option includes a BBQ dinner, henna painting, shisha, and live entertainment.

There are many other desert safari options; some of them are

  • Emirates Tours & Safari LLC
  • Platinum Heritage
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • Capital Gate Tourism

This article discussed some of the best desert safaris in UAE that you can choose from for your next desert safari plan. The prices of these safaris vary depending on the plan you choose but are mostly pocket-friendly. Now that you know the best of what desert safari in UAE offers, you can plan your trip accordingly with your friends, family, partner, or even a solo.

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